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Why book a consultation with Denise?

The purpose of the consultation is to empower you, inspire you and motivate you to change your patterns, habits and thinking. It will encourage the you to make better informed choices in order to create greater health and wellbeing. This could come in the form of increased energy, more mental clarity, balanced hormones, stronger immunity, better digestive health etc. You will be amazed what can be overcome with natural whole foods and the correct Nutrition.


Denise has over 12 years of clinical experience and states that, without doubt, the most empowering and motivating things people experience after getting a personalised health and wellbeing plan is taking control of their own health.

REMEMBER: YOU are in charge of your body. No one else. Just you! It’s your responsibility to look after it.

Often, I see patients in my clinics when they have been given a poor diagnosis of some description. The one thing that I have learnt over the years, is that PREVENTION IS FAR BETTER THAN A CURE!


LISTEN to your body’s warning signals. Your body is extremely intelligent and WILL try its best to warn you if something is going wrong with symptoms such as pain, discomfort, inflammation, low mood and lack of energy. Listen to the warning signals and seek help to re balance the body.


  • Health Check Consultation

    Includes full body scan and report on how to improve health


Why use the Qest4 during the consultation?


Using my experience and the most advanced technology available in energetic testing, helps me to gain an insight to what is truly going on in a person’s body. Gathering information during the consultation and using the machine to run a series of tests on the individual helps to assist me and the patient together in order to seek a way forward, back onto the path of vibrant health.

There are two parts to this system


  1. The System and the person make contact – A series of tests are run on the circuit and measured using changes in the skin resistance.  The same method is used in a lie detector test.

  2. Signal output – low power radio frequency output that we see as a language. This helps us to understand more about the person being tested. This can be in all aspects of health including mentally, emotionally and physically allowing a better understanding in order to correct imbalances in the body that one may refer to as a ‘disease’.


Health is the key to life…because life is for thriving, not just surviving!

Book a one-to-one consultation with Denise today :)

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