I love this white powder so much! Honestly, if you try it every day for one week you will start to notice a significant difference.


It’s rich in vitamin C (said to be 10 times more than an orange) high in calcium (twice the calcium of a glass of milk) high in potassium, (four times that of one banana), and high in magnesium (five times more than an avo- cado).


It is being used in beauty products now for promoting skin elasticity and is said to maintain your healthy youthful glow.


It’s an edible fruit that has been known forever for its health properties and is grown in Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. To get the powder as we know it, it is taken from its natural environment and dried, removing the seeds and being ground into powder that can be added to food products.


Classed as a citrus fruit, and containing antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti- inflammatory properties, this product is not one to be missed.


It is said to be the super- food that can treat ‘any disease’. That’s a bold statement, but as it has had success in treating malaria, tuberculosis, fever, microbial infections, anaemia, toothache, and dysentery, I think we can safely say this precious fruit can benefit your health and boost your immune system in a pretty powerful way.


It can improve your digestive system, helps with general hydration of the skin, and seriously supports your endocrine health. With its high mineral content and high fibre and protein, this can be a real asset to your daily intake.


It’s great for body builders as it supports the muscles and is a powerful anti-inflammatory superfood, which helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain – it can match the power of many medicinal painkillers.


  • How much should you take?

    2–3 teaspoons per day. You can safely take more of it you have a hardcore lifestyle.

  • The Yummy Factor

    Pleasant! Doesn’t taste of too much, and is easily mixed in water, smoothies, juice, or sprinkled on food.

  • Contraindications/precautions

    None, as far as I am aware. Not enough studies have been carried out yet, but as it’s been used for centuries I would think it is pretty safe. Obviously if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, I would suggest doing your own research to make sure you are happy.

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