This is a brain-enhancing, sexy, exuberant, powerhouse, natural multivitamin!


This is as nature intended. Being an enzyme-enhancing mineral and energy-blasting superfood you can give it to your bambinos, your granny, your mother, your father, the Queen ... oh, and, of course, yourself. It’s amazing, it’s brilliant!


It doesn’t come from the bees, it comes from flowers. The bees collect it, bind it with enzymes and bring it back to the hives. It’s not strictly vegan, but can be sourced ethically where they just collect the pollen that is brushed off the bee’s legs as they enter the hive, leaving some food for them. We all live on the same planet and it’s possible to share in a peaceful way without destruction.


Bee pollen has a range of benefits that will blow your mind. It possesses anti-ageing properties, as well as stimulating cell renewal and rejuvenating the skin.


It is renowned for increasing longevity and has a good reputation for its anti-cancer properties and reducing tumours. It helps protect against radiation and can help combat the side effects of chemo- therapy.


It is fantastic for improving fertility, by stimulating the ovaries and improving the libido, mainly because it’s packed to the rafters with 96 nutrient elements.


It contains all 22 amino acids, and is approximately 40% protein, making it a very sustainable food. It’s massively high in B vitamins (including the best dietary source of B6 and a reputed source of B12) and vitamin C, the best dietary source of rutin, a glucoside, which strengthens the capillary system, and one of the richest sources of carotenoids and bioflavonoids.


It is high in zinc, which is great for prostate problems, and has significant amounts of potas- sium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, manganese, sulphur, selenium, and iron. It is rich in lecithin so has a great synergy when taken with flax oil, as it allows oils to be easily integrated into the cell membrane. It is also an excellent source of phenylalanine which reg- ulates natural appetite.


This gem of a superfood has been used to treat Crohn’s, colitis, and peptic ulcers, and is a powerful natural antibiotic.


Many people use this in conjunction with weight loss programmes as it stabilizes blood sugar levels, and it is superb for treating anae- mia and cardiovascular issues, as it can normalize cholesterol and balance the metabolism.

Bee Pollen (Organic)

  • How much should you take?

    For general health benefits start with half a teaspoon, per day building up to a tablespoon or more if necessary. For allergies and hay fever, source local pollen and begin with just a few grains under the tongue and then build up to a teaspoon. Take at least six weeks before hay fever season starts to build up a resistance (it works like a homeopathic remedy).

  • The Yummy Factor

    It’s pleasant! Quite waxy, but sweet and easy on the palate. Take either with other foods (adds a slight sweetness), especially good in smoothies, or take on its own for a quick boost of ‘buzzy’ energy.

  • Contraindications/precautions

    Goes rancid easily so you must keep in a sealed jar in the fridge. May cause digestive discomfort because it is so rich in enzymes, so take very little initially. May cause a mild allergic response such as itchy skin or tingly lips in which case the person may need to detox more first or gradually build up resistance.

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