This single-celled green algae cultivated in freshwater ponds has been around for billions of years and is amazing!


The water it is grown in is oxygenated, then filtered for purity, and has been a key health ingredient in places like Japan and other Far Eastern countries forever.


It’s one of the healthiest, most potent foods in existence, not only for humans, but for livestock all over the world too. It’s a rich source of chlorophyll, which helps the body to cleanse the blood, cells, and organs from a build-up of toxins such as heavy metals, poisons, and medications. So essentially when you consume chlorella, it works like a little Pacman, clearing out all the baddies from your fabulous body.


Adding this incredibly powerful super- food to your diet increases your red blood cell count, which creates more oxygen to promote healing.


Chlorella causes the friendly bacteria in the gut to multiply at four times the normal rate, which is vital for good health. This is a superfood that provides us with excel- lent nutrition so we can heal ourselves and restore wellness within the body. Being 60% protein in the form of amino acids makes it far superior to meat, fish, and eggs because of the way our bodies can absorb goodness. It also contains crucial life-enhancing enzymes and an array of vitamins. When taking this superfood, in my opinion, you do not need to take any other multivitamins as this will provide you with everything you require.


It’s a superior digestive aid that enhances the intake of nutrients, clears up bad breath, keeps the delicate pH of the blood in balance, and improves muscular strength so much that if athletes use it they risk less injury. Chlorella energizes each and every cell by assisting in growth and repair, and it also strengthens internal organs and dramatically boosts the immune system.


Adults and children can take it as a preventative strengthening superfood. This superfood has been used in health clinics to treat many types of cancer. It’s also beneficial for diseases such as Alzheim- er’s and dementia, helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and contains several compounds that are considered to be antioxidants, such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein.

Chlorella (Organic)

  • How much should you take?

    You can read all sorts of different suggested dosages on the internet, but in my experience as a maintenance health dose, I would say 1–2 teaspoons per day is ample.

  • The Yummy Factor

    Sorry, I would like to say it’s delicious, but in reality it is not that great, but bearable, and so worth it for the hit of goodness it gives you. The taste is somewhat pond-like, but if you chuck it in your smoothie, or some coconut water, it’s a good way of just getting it down the hatch. You won’t regret it!

  • Contraindications/precautions

    Don’t take too much as it could give you excess gas, skin sensitivity, stomach cramps, and green poo!

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