Spirulina is right up there with the world’s most popular and nourishing superfoods, spirulina is an organism that grows in both fresh and salt water.


It is grown in environmentally controlled ponds especially constructed for this purpose. It is a blue/green algae just like chlorella, but I would use them for different purposes.


It was eaten by the ancient Aztecs as they knew what was good for them, especially their beauty and their health, and this amazing product was bought back to life when NASA proposed that it was so nutrient rich it would be suitable to be grown in space for use by astronauts.


I use this product with my clients for its high protein content as it supplies 20 times more complete protein than soybean and meat, and it’s rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, magne- sium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous.


It is well known for its incredible B vitamin content. That makes it a great product for people with fast-paced lives, excessive stress, and lots of activity as it supports energy levels and helps massively with muscle repair and general stamina.


It contains essential fatty acids that help to regulate hormones and keep your brain highly powered and is rich in beta carotene which helps to overcome eye problems caused by vitamin A deficiency.


Spirulina works fantastically well as a great sidekick for chlorella, as the two combined are incredibly powerful, offering different nutritional elements.


Spirulina contains a high level of antioxidants, contributing to removing toxins, which improves energy, fertility, diges- tion, elimination, memory, mental clarity, depression, weight control, blood pressure, arthritis, PMS, eczema, skin health, bone strength and also helps to reduce inflammation.

Spirulina (Organic)

  • How much should you take?

    Keep it simple and use in the same way as chlorella. Just 1–2 teaspoons a day of this gorgeous green stuff is going to help you so much. If you know you have heavy fitness training programmes, or lots of corporate events, or some- thing taxing coming your way, add a little more into the mix. You will get to know the balance that works for you, but this is a fantastic product to take every day to support your body optimally.

  • The Yummy Factor

    Slightly more potent than chlorella, but honestly the cleaner your diet, the more you get used to this flavour. Tastes a little seaweedy! Just disguise in your smoothies or coconut water. If you feel like you are catching a cold or fever, just add more and it will disappear in no time.

  • Contraindications/precautions

    In large doses can cause headaches, allergic reactions, and sweating. People with an allergy to seafood, seaweed, and other sea vegetables should probably avoid spirulina.

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